Naree Ketudat

Singer, Dancer, Actor

Singer, Actor, Dancer

Naree hails from America’s birthplace, Lexington, Massachusetts. Yes, it’s that one you read about in your middle school textbook.  She spent the majority of her childhood as a dancer as well as a figure skater, competitive in both synchronized and individual skating. Early on, it became apparent that Naree’s presentational scores always outshined her technical ones in competition…a sign that performing was her true calling! Whether it was a bruised tailbone or a failed double axel, Naree put skating aside to focus on performing.

She attended the prestigious Walnut Hill School for the Arts where she spent four years as a theatre major. Here she performed both in school and regional productions while studying the craft of theatre and music theatre. Favorite credits from these years include Rhoda in A New Brain, Ursula in Bye Bye Birdie (in which she earned an IRNE nomination for), Smitty/Miss Krumholtz in How to Succeed…, among others. After high school, Naree continued her training in the arts by receiving a BM in Vocal Performance from NYU Steinhardt. Naree now resides in New York City and performs in workshops, concerts, and shows in and around the area.

Naree is also a certified fitness instructor at all NYC Equinox clubs, as well as a level 2 Reiki practitioner. As for the name? Yeah her father is from Thailand, believe it or not. Ask her about it!